Sonoma Country House Photo Summary

by Alden Miller | July 20, 2015 | Projects + Press, Sonoma - A Wine Country Retreat

Every time I drive up the winding dirt road to this project, a wave of relaxation and peace inevitably washes over me. The air is clean, the sun is shining, and the stresses of life melt away. This home is truly a getaway. Designed to contrast the limits of their San Francisco home, this retreat connects their children to nature and does not limit the guest list. Now with enough space for family and friends to stay comfortably, the home welcomes anything from summer pool parties to special holiday dinners. Fresh veggies from the garden, kids running barefoot to the pool, and dining al fresco are all daily activities.

Working alongside Architect, Steve Geiszler and Gleason & Tankard General Contractors, I am delighted to be part of making this vacation home a reality. The traditional details and the cheery but sophisticated color palette, provide this family a breath of fresh air the moment they open the door. Photos by

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