Alden Miller

Growing up in Redondo Beach, Alden has found that her home is on the coast. She is intrigued by her surroundings, by problem solving and by the organic forms found in nature. Prior to attending design school, Alden studied biology and philosophy at Colby College in Maine. She cultivated an interest in the arts of ceramics and printmaking, and settled in San Francisco after graduation to pursue her calling in design. From 2001 to 2010, Alden worked for a talented and eclectic group of designers, honing her skills in the critical details of interior architecture and design theory. Her personal interior design philosophy combines analytical problem solving and creative energy in equal measure. She and her husband reside in Pacifica with their two sons.

Alden Miller Interiors

Alden Miller founded Alden Miller Interiors in 2011 on the principle of Design for Living. The firm relies on the core philosophy that a home is not a showcase. It is a space where dishes are washed, faces are shaved, and pillow forts are created. Alden believes that every home is filled with its own rituals, and that the rooms we inhabit should perfectly fit the function of our daily lives.

The team at Alden Miller Interiors sets itself apart by focusing on the practical Science of Design. All projects start with an understanding of the mission and essence of the space that is being created. Inspiration comes from the distinctive qualities of the individuals who will live there. Working outward from function in a way that logically flows from lifestyle, homes are crafted into highly functional and inviting spaces. Alden places emphasis on natural materials, quality lifestyle and original details. Along with planning and critical evaluation, her team collaborates with clients, artisans and craftspeople to create beautiful homes.