AMI Seasonal Collection – Late Summer Outdoor Design

August 11, 2020 | Alden Miller Interiors, Noteworthy
For many of us this summer has not been spent on vacation or traveling, and it was not the break from normal life we get each year. Most of us are spending this summer at home with our families or a small pod of friends. We are cooking more dinners, dining outside, and looking for ways to enhance our at-home experiences. So, as we start to close out this unusual summer, we have curated a collection of beautiful items for outdoor, end of summer dining and living.
Bole Road Textiles is a Brooklyn based design studio specializing in home décor. Their work is rooted in the vibrant textiles of Ethiopia where all of their pieces are handwoven. We’re highlighting the Negus Table Runner and Negus Napkins made from soft, durable 100% Ethiopian cotton. These pieces have thin, gold stripes that elevate the simple design for a modern look. They are handwoven and thankfully machine washable.
Next, set your table (outdoors or indoors) with the contemporary Curry Basic Dinnerware Set from Heath Ceramics. For over 70 years, Heath has been creating ceramics and their Coupe Line of dinnerware is a timeless collection that dates back to their original styles. We selected the Curry set comprised of a warm pallet of cocoa and sand colored plates with a hint of yellow for the salad bowl. These colors work so well on a late summer table transitioning into fall.
Whether filled with wine, a cocktail, or simply water, the Aino Aalto tumbler from Iittala will stun on the table. The circles were inspired by the ripples that form in water after throwing in a stone and this classic design still looks fresh after 80 years. Add a pop of green to the table with a floral arrangement in Iittala’s Kastehelmi vase in the moss green color. The glass droplet design resembles dewdrops and the vase’s texture adds dimension to the tablescape.
Finally, take a seat. We recently profiled heated outdoor furniture from Galanter & Jones. Their line of sofas and chairs keeps the chill away while providing that clean, modern look for your outdoor space. For sitting around the table, we like Fermob’s Facto chair in Clay Grey or Russet. This award winning, contemporary chair shines in its simplicity. Perfect for outdoor dining, these steel chairs are lightweight and stackable.