Nob Hill Dining Room and Kitchen

The elegance of this Nob Hill penthouse is in the feeling of luxury in its living spaces and the mix of traditional touches and modern additions. In the dining room, we made limited square footage feel expansive. We selected a rectangular dining table, which allows more seating than the original circular table. The rounded edges of the table create a sense of space around the table, without sacrificing space on the surface. The layering of horizontal elements in the room such as the console, artwork, sculpture, pendant light, and table inlay result in a clean tranquility. The horizontal pendant does not detract from the original highly patterned ceiling. In fact, they complement each other by integrating the old and new theme of the penthouse. Our design details elevate the space and produce a sophisticated balance to this room. The result is a dining room that functions for this pied-a-terre’s in luxury and scale.

Project Details

CATEGORY: Gathering Spaces, Kitchens & Baths
PROJECT NAME: Nob Hill – A Luxury San Francisco Penthouse
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Photographed by Thibault Cartier