Save Time and Money With a Design Package

April 24, 2018 | Alden Miller Interiors, Design Lab, Kitchens and Baths

Are you thinking about remodeling a bathroom, kitchen or living space? A design package can be a smart and simple way to get the room you want while saving time and money on construction.

What is a design package?

With an Alden Miller Interiors design package we work with you to capture your family’s needs, and then design a room that offers the best use of your space with high function and style. 

Being prepared before you start calling contractors saves time and money. As part of the design package we make sure every detail of your new room is captured in a design plan. This means we measure the existing conditions, illustrate the remodeled design in construction drawings, develop image moodboards, and create specification documents for materials and fixtures. You are equipped to hand over the design plan to a contractor, or follow the plan yourself if no construction is needed. 

A design package also helps prevent the kind of frustrating mistakes and misunderstandings that often happen in remodeling projects and can lead to going over-budget and off-schedule while trying to fix. 

“Our contractor finished the last details this morning and we LOVE our new bathrooms! Thank you for steering us in so many right directions via the bathroom design package. It made the project easy for our contractor and everything got done on time. Thank you!”  Paula Pinelli, Homeowner 

An example

Using a bathroom as an example, with a design package you will have everything for your bathroom remodel selected and clearly outlined for a contractor to follow. This includes things big and small such as:

shower/bath tile (material, design, color, size, pattern)  /  accent tiles /  grout color  /  plumbing fixtures specified with finish choice  /  location of shower/bath alcoves for storage  /  sink cabinet (style, material, dimensions, finish or paint color)  /  hardware style and finish  /  countertop and backsplash materials  /  flooring material selection and layout  /  paint color  /  lighting fixtures  /  and more

There is a lot that goes into even a small room like a bathroom! Not only will we help you select all of these components, we will determine the exact placement of each piece for maximum use of your space and communicate all of this in drawings and documents for the contractor or you to follow. 

Below are a few pictures of bathroom projects the Alden Miller Interiors team has designed. To see more images of kitchens, bedrooms, and other rooms we have designed, browse through our website.

How does it work?

A design package offers a streamlined version of our full-service interior design process, something that makes Alden Miller Interiors unique among design firms. The package approach allows home owners to benefit from getting professional design help with their remodel in a way that fits with their budget. We take your needs, ideas and room measurements and prepare a package with detailed drawings, material selection information and specification documents. You and the contractor work together to purchase the materials and items needed and coordinate installation according to the design plan. By taking on the responsibility of placing orders and communicating with the contractor, you end up with the results you want at a set price.

Getting Started

Getting started with your room design can never happen too early! Having a completed design package when you reach out to contractors will be extremely helpful for them (they can see exactly what their roadmap for the project is to get your desired result), and for you (saving time and money). If you have a bathroom, kitchen, or living space remodel in mind, contact us or use the form below. We’ll connect with you right away to discuss if a design package is right for the project.

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