Thank You Calvin Fabrics and Susan Sews

by Alden Miller | September 3, 2015 | Industry People, Noteworthy, RMH Stanford - "Where Hope Has a Home"

Drapery and window covering in Henry Calvin fabric.

Thanks to two amazing gifts, the window treatments and divider curtain in RMH Bedroom 307 are 100% taken care of. The collaborative donations of Calvin Fabrics and Susan Sews have brought us another step closer to giving great design to this awesome cause.

Calvin Fabrics has been my go-to for quality casement fabrics since I first entered the design field, so it was without question that I would approach them for a project like this. Well-made and affordable, these guys are still producing from the finest mills in the U.S. and Europe. Their range of colors are unbeatable, offering sophisticated, subtle tones that add true luxury to any space. Their fabrics and weaves have a natural look to them, which is very important for this project–a connection to nature. We were so pleased when they offered a 100% donation, although I honestly wasn’t surprised because of how friendly and generous they have always been. Hands down one of the best in the industry.

Calvin Fabrics

As for creating the actual curtain and window treatment, Susan Bartholomew, a seamstress based out of Larkspur, is not only a wonderful person, but is someone who knows the precision needed for good design. For example, when I am designing a roman shade with her, she understands the importance of an extra half inch width to allow for a pull chain to rest comfortably beside the window frame. She knows the difference between a functional curtain that kisses the floor and one that breaks to provide a more formal look. We totally click. Thanks to her generosity, this high quality of work will be a part of bedroom 307. I couldn’t be more delighted!

The Aden Miller Interiors team and I are so thankful for these awesome donations and we are excited to see what gifts are to come!