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“A well-designed home makes your life better, not just prettier. The feel of Egyptian cotton sheets on your skin when you wake, or the sense and sound of a ceramic mug on a stone countertop in the morning gives you a moment of connection to your environment. It changes the way you live and has value beyond the cost of the materials.”


— Alden Miller



  • Alden Miller Interiors kids room

A Room to Grow In

Alden Miller Interiors, Design Lab, Kids Rooms|

With the end of summer approaching, we took advantage to get ready for school. As we were going through dresser drawers, pulling out flooding pants and tiny t-shirts, I started thinking about how important the fundamentals of interior design are to the functionality of children’s rooms.


Galanter and Jones ‘Pylos’ Launch Party


Last night the AMI team and I attended the launch party for the Galanter and Jones ‘Pylos’ bench. If you haven’t heard of them yet, Galanter and Jones is a fantastic company based out of SF, creating heated outdoor furniture. Their designs are delightfully modern and so comfortable, you will feel like a cat basking in the sun.


“Alden gracefully adapted to the shifting needs of our project. She ‘got’ me and identified great elements to match my tastes.”

Daphne Keller | San Francisco