Finding a Fantastic Rug with Tony Kitz

by Alden Miller | November 15, 2016 | Design Lab, Noe Valley - An Urban Edwardian

If you read my post on what to do first when designing a room, you’ll know that I always recommend choosing the area rug first. My second piece of advice? A designer is only as good as her resources and contacts. Whenever a project allows for me to put something special on the floor, I immediately make an appointment with rug pro Tony Kitz of Tony Kitz Gallery.

Tony is truly an expert in his field, and is my go-to source for uniquely beautiful new and antique rugs. I first got to know him over the eight years I worked at Holly Hulburd Design, but it’s only been since starting Alden Miller Interiors that I have had the pleasure of working directly with Tony. The opportunity has allowed me to realize Tony’s incredible value in finding carpets as unique as my clients and their homes. I love working with Tony and his collections have become an integral part of my design process.


Walking into Tony Kitz Gallery is like entering a fabulous bazaar of color, texture, and pattern. Incredible rugs are hanging from every wall. He has hundreds of rugs rolled up and stacked vertically on all sides of his showroom, along with bright pillows strewn in every corner. It’s an impressive display that turns traditionally flat, 2D product storage into an art installation. Going into Tony’s gallery is like taking a trip to another world.

After getting from me the background on my clients’ space requirements, color palette, and design aesthetic, Tony goes to work picking out treasures to present. Together we encourage patterns and colors they might not have originally envisioned. Tony is passionate about making sure a buyer can truly get a sense of what they are purchasing. I have often found myself with clients taking our shoes off, or sitting down and running our hands across the intricate patterns, in order to touch and really experience the textures.

When I bring my clients to Tony, a couple things happen. The first, is that he can read and understand the special characteristics that make my clients and their project unique. He then is able to translate that into finding carpets that are perfect for them and the room. Secondly, Tony gives the history of the carpets he is showing, and explains about the weaving techniques and the villages they came from, so both me and the clients fee more connected to the selections.

Lastly, and most importantly, I’ve found that through the selection of the rugs and seeing how clients respond to different patterns, textures, colors and stories –the concept and vision for the room is revealed. It’s an invaluable interaction, and something I know my clients truly appreciate.

Working with someone of Tony’s calibur is an experience that can’t be replicated through the glossy pages of a catalog or via mass-produced ordering online. I know that when I start designing a room with a rug from Tony, the project it going to be fantastic.

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