AMI Office Organization

by Romany Sieferman | February 10, 2021 | Alden Miller Interiors, Lifestyle

Like so many businesses, we have been out of our office and working from home since last March, but with current optimism we are thinking about getting back to the office more regularly. For the past 11 months, members of the AMI team have mostly stopped by the office to work alone or pick things up. However, as opposed to using the space as a dumping ground for tile samples, fabric swatches, and paperwork, we have used this time to plan and be ready for our transition back to work in the office.

Planning for our return – even with a reduced schedule – is the perfect time for an office refresh. With efficiency and organization as a priority, we have been working hard to get the space ready. Our projects include:

Library – Our extensive sample library is where we organize our tile, fabric, rug samples, product literature, and books. We are caught up with all outstanding sorting, labeling, and shelving.

Desk Space – Computers, supplies, and other desk items were taken home this year. Stations have been cleaned and reorganized at each individual workspace, making room for returning equipment.

Space Organization – Our current office setup has been in place for several years. It’s a good time to rethink our space configuration and determine if workspaces or meeting tables should be moved for maximum comfort, efficiency, and safety.

Supply Cabinet – Over the course of the year some supplies have gone totally unused while others have been stocked at every home. We’ll have a detailed inventory of what we have and what we keeping everything we need always on hand.

Lighting – Taking our previous post about blue light to heart, we are rethinking desk lighting at workspaces. Utilizing individual lighting at desks creates a warmer atmosphere and saves energy.

Going to work will be a combination of staying at home and working at a sparsely populated office. In anticipation of our return, our goals are to create an office space that is clean, organized, and refreshed.